Right here, right now

Based on my own personal experience, (which by the way is the only way I’ve ever come to know anything), there comes a point in one’s life where you realize that everything has brought you to where you are now.  In reality everything has always brought you to where you are now; however it’s only a concept until you “get it” for real.

Recently, I’ve had two, how shall I call them, “issues” that I’ve been consciously looking at.  I’ve come to terms with how I’ve resisted them whole-bodily — trying to fix, trying to change for many years.  Those issues are my weight and seeming inability to handle money.   The more I’ve tried to “fix” the deeper the holes I’ve dug.

This morning I had what can only be called an epiphany.  It goes something like this:  I’m worrying about money and paying bills, etc.  And suddenly I realize,  “Michele,  just stop.  Stop.  Come to a screeching, scorching, halting stop.  Just let go and let God.  No more trying.  No more efforting.  No more judging.  No more guilt.  Just let it be just as it is…and it will let you be just as you are.”  Wow.  I felt it wash over me.  I felt the freedom of it.   I feel it now.

In all honesty, I came to this conclusion about my weight about a month or so ago and since then my body has begun regulating itself and slowly dropping what it doesn’t seem need to hold onto anymore.  I’ve relaxed into it and it seems to be responding and reflecting this back to me.  So, today, as I was putting on workout clothes and noticing a slimmer body beginning to shine through, I realized that this same principle applies to everything in my life that I’ve been resisting. And…why not apply it to the one thing that seems to be haunting me — money.  Why not?  Why not align with the prosperity that is within me?  My gosh, look at all I am able to tap into these days?  Isn’t this prosperity in its unlimited and boundless beauty?  Yes, it is…include it all and begin to see what has been here for you all along.

Try this for yourself.  What has been or is haunting you presently?  Come to that place within  you physically, emotionally, mentally:  Stop.  Let go. Stop feeling guilty and judging yourself for anything that you’ve ever done.  All that matters is how you move forward – right here, right now.  Let this be your rallying cry from here on out as you lay it all down on the altar of the Universe and watch the magic unfold.  — Michele Bordelon


One thought on “Right here, right now

  1. Elizabeth MacDonald says:

    So simple…yet so profound. The “Stop” gets us to now allow what is always, already there to come forward…what’s most natural. I love your sharings…right from the Heart.

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