Resolution or intention…you choose

Okay there’s a conversation we need to have.  It’s that time of year when the word “resolution” is tossed around, chewed on and digested. Honestly, I cringe on the inside when I hear the word bantered about. It isn’t a bad word in itself.  It is what we do with it that I don’t like.  Perhaps you know the drill?  We resolve to make some change, particularly at this time of year, then proceed to whack ourselves over the head with it!  Not a pretty sight.  The result, a creeping sense of guilt – “why can’t I stick with this” or “why don’t I have the stick-to-it-tiveness” to stay with my resolve?” “What’s wrong with me?”

From my perspective, we’ve set ourselves up for failure. We’ve bought into a false perception that “I am not already okay or I don’t have it within me” to do this and allow the unfoldment of the natural power to live the full beautiful and dazzling strength of who I am right now.

So, let’s say we flip this resolution thing! Yes, it is important to grow as a person and to make changes as appropriate. How do you do this in a way that does not set you up for failure or disappointment?  How do you allow the aforementioned “unfoldment” of the beautiful you?  Consider allowing Intention in your life.  Ask yourself this question:  How would it feel right now if this (whatever it is) were already complete, totally finished? Feel how it would feel right now.  Let go into this completion.  If after getting the “feeling” of it certain words or a picture in your head come up to describe it, write it down.  Revisit this feeling as often as you need to for this Intention is connecting you to what is already so.  Now follow the “cues” that reveal themselves and take those actions that are in alignment with the true you.

As for me, my intention is the full unfolding of Balance Point and seeing everyone it touches happy content and fulfilled.  That’s an intention I can surely live…


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