The power of heart to heart relationship

Yesterday I went for a long walk with my friend Sue.  I look forward to these walks with her.  She is one of those indomitable spirits who brings a direct enthusiasm to life and is also willing to explore things with me, without judgement.  In short, she makes me laugh and when our walk is over I always feel like the way is clear for the remainder of the day.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve already walked several times a week or haven’t see each other in two weeks, our walks always generate lively conversation and sharing about life’s adventures.  This particular walk got me in touch with the power of friendship and coming together as a loving, supportive force in one another’s lives. As we were walking and talking yesterday I could feel the healing power expanding out to our collective family, friends and community as we spoke of the things in life that are “up.”  I watched as an issue would come up, be explored from different angles and then move into a state of acceptance.  Whatever it was came to a natural resolution; what was left was a “letting it go into the Universe.”  We didn’t “solve” anything and yet the end result felt as though all was okay.

Afterwards, as I was walking back home, I realized, with gratitude,  the importance of these honest, or as I call them, “heart to heart” friendships and how they have become more prevalent in my life these past few years.  I realized how important it is to me to make connections with the “heart” of the people in my life these days. When I’m with a friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance or whomever I feel more attuned to what’s going on in the connection. Listening happens more readily and because of this I am “hearing” at a greater depth.  It is powerful.  And this is what I was tuning into yesterday.

If you’d like to explore this, take the opportunity this week to pay attention to your relationships and interactions.  What are they like?  How do they feel?  Listen and look within at what these interactions are bringing up in you. Respond from the listening.  Give and receive from the Balance Point of who you are. Dive into the beauty of the unexpected gifts your friendships and relationships are offering on a moment – to – moment basis.  Remember, life isn’t about sitting by idly and letting it pass you by.  Your friendships and relationships are an important channel to living a full and rich life.  They act as a window into who you are — if you are willing to look.

Enjoy the view…it is a beautiful one.


4 thoughts on “The power of heart to heart relationship

  1. Lina Landess says:

    Thank you, Michele, for these lovely insights . . . and for sharing them from the heart. I can feel their power and the love with which it flows from you.

  2. Allison Sherwat Cooper says:

    Thank you for sharing your friendship insights. I have found through the years that it’s a matter of quality, not quantity when it comes to friends. I derive such immense satisfaction in the give/receive of these relationships, that I truly feel lost when life causes a disconnect between me and them. I am going to call my best friend who lives out of town now, just to say I’m here. Hugs.

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