Put a little “yoga” in your life

I walk a lot these days and for a variety of reasons.  First of all, it is simple, easy exercise as my body seems to be made for walking.   Secondly, my dogs love to walk – :).   Lastly, a lot gets “done” on these walks.  The truth is, I used to bring my iPod or iPhone along and listen to music or my favorite podcasts, but lately I’ve been leaving them at home and simply walking.

When we first begin walking, my mind runs all over the place just the way my dog Harley is running all over the place at the other end of the leash. Eventually though, it all “chills out” and we settle into a relaxed rhythm together.   A walking stillness takes over.

The other day as we were walking, I got it that this is a form of Yoga. For in its simplicity, Yoga, (a Sanskrit word), is defined as Union.  And that’s what it feels like.  As I settle into the silence of the walk I notice a kind of merging or a union with my own level of awareness that includes the surroundings we are navigating. My soul feels nurtured.  I feel nurtured.

The benefit of these “yoga” walks?   Not only am I aware and present, I’m also relaxed and open.  It is as though a channel of creativity opens up within me.  Great ideas come up.  Problems get solved.  Situations that I’ve been trying to fix and change are simply accepted and released.  All is right with the world and that carries on into the remainder of my day or evening.

An important aspect of living from the Balance Point is building into your life such times of nurturing your soul. It is called putting yourself first.  Consider for a moment what this is for you. For some, it may be a Yoga walk.  For others, it may be gardening, meditation, painting, playing an instrument, creative hand work such as knitting, Choose something that speaks to you and follow these five steps to incorporate it regularly into your life:

1.  Get a piece of paper and pen and your calendar.

2.  Write down all the things you like to do that nurture your soul (see the above examples or come up with your own).

3.  Now look at your list and circle the number one activity that really speaks to you and is one you are just dying to incorporate, on a regular basis, into your life.

4.  Next, pull out your calendar and make a date with yourself to do this one activity at least one time in the next 7 days.  Just find one date and time.  Write it in on your calendar.

5.  Now go out, enjoy your own private “me” time.  As soon as you’ve completed it, don’t forget to make the next date with yourself…immediately.  Continue this process until this becomes a natural part of your life.

Congratulations!  You have just put a little “yoga” in your life and are now nurturing the Balance Point within.  And…when you nurture this place within, you nurture your whole world.


2 thoughts on “Put a little “yoga” in your life

  1. Allison Sherwat says:

    How did you know this was exactly what I was need to be reminded of this morning? I was literally trying to respond to emails, text message, drink my coffee, and pay bills simultaneously. And what did I get – a mess! A little bit of slowing down this morning by changing rooms and reading from a meditation book has helped me to a 180 from chaos to focused energy. Thank you for helping me quiet the noise and hear the music!

    • Gosh…I just love this “Kismet” stuff! That’s how it works, you know Allison? I’m so glad this helped you! Thanks for letting me know. Have a lovely and “productive” day.

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