Spring cleaning for your life

Isn’t it interesting that as springtime nears we seem to automatically move into “cleaning and clearing” mode?  For me, it feels like an inward magnetic pull to clean, organize, de-clutter and essentially let go of everything I no longer need.  The result is a liberation of sorts. When I go through this process everything feels fresh and vibrant.

For example, yesterday, my husband and I spent the day outdoors, trimming rose and hydrangea bushes, bagging leaves and cleaning out the flowerbeds.  What a difference that four hours of work made. I swear the rose bushes and the hydrangea thanked me as I cut them back.  They happily went along with the trimming…or maybe I’m just imagining that.  🙂  The flower beds looked revitalized and ready to take on the new growth just waiting to sprout.

It felt so good and got me considering the   power of de-cluttering our lives — our minds. I’ve personally found that if I maintain a clear mind, my life seems to flow easier.  However, If I don’t take the time to regularly download all the data floating around in my mind, it builds up and I feel cluttered – mentally and physically.

Two ways I’ve found to de-clutter my mind are meditation and writing.  And at first both seemed a bit foreign to me. However, after putting some time in with each I realized how much I was benefiting. I began to judge less and accept more. I found a meditation process that instead of focusing on eliminating thoughts simply allows me to watch the thoughts and let them be there just as they are.  The result is my thoughts let me be there just as I am.  No more thought battles!  How peaceful — how refreshing.  At about the same time, I discovered the power of writing for myself and the clarity that comes from putting thoughts on paper.  It became another way to watch the thoughts without judgement, again letting them be just as they are…another form of meditation.

I highly recommend everyone find some way to routinely spring clean and de-clutter your life. If you don’t already have a way to do this, here are some suggested methods:

  1. Two simple meditation processes:
  • Mindful Listening – Take 10 minutes in the morning (or a time of day that works for you) to just sit in a favorite chair and listen.  No radio, no TV.  Just close your eyes and listen.  Allow whatever thoughts are there to pass by as it overhead like clouds.  Breathe into your thoughts and your listening.
  • Breath Awareness – Find a nice, quiet place to sit.  Close your eyes and just focus on your breath.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Watch the air as it moves in and as it moves out.  Just follow the flow of the movement of your breath and allow whatever thoughts are there to just fade away on their own.  Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. A simple writing process:

Get a notebook, a notepad or a few pieces of paper and write whatever is in your head.  Write about whatever is worrying you, exciting you, making you happy or sad.  Don’t resist anything that wants to come up to be said or any words that want to be expressed.  Also, it is important to not judge what is coming up either. Let the thoughts that are coming up to be expressed be there just as they are. Write until you have nothing left to say.  Now just sit for a few minutes with what you have written, eyes closed.  Then when you are ready….rip out those pages and throw them away! Mission accomplished.  Some extra tips:

  1. Find a place in your home or away from home where you won’t be distracted.
  2. Avoid re-reading what you’ve written and “editing” it to make it nicer or “friendlier.”
  3. Burn the pages if you really want to let it all go.

Check out the “Relaxation and Meditation Processes page” above.  I’ve inserted some links to some meditation processes that are easy to follow and only take a few minutes.  And — whatever you choose as a way to de-clutter, make it a regular part of your life and enjoy springtime all year-long!


5 thoughts on “Spring cleaning for your life

  1. VERY true! Social worekrs RARELY ask about prior brain trauma or any other contributing illness and seem to assume that addiction is the problem, not the symptom.

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