Why look for a reason when you can simply accept?

The only way I know to share with you how to live a life from the Balance Point is through my own personal experience.  The best and most lasting lessons come from these experiences.  When I’ve attempted to come from a concept, it comes across as mediocrity or I fall flat on my face.  I learned a long time ago as a group fitness instructor that when I wasn’t sure about a routine, my classes couldn’t follow me. When I was completely comfortable with it and coming from that, my classes followed me with ease.  It is the same thing with life coaching.  I don’t want to give you a bunch of highfalutin’ theories that sound good.  I want to give you the truth about what is required to live a full, happy and balanced life — from my perspective. So here goes:

The truth is, most of us grow up full of idealism, grabbing the world by the reins and going forward full throttle.  Some are able to get pretty far with this.  And then again, some are not.  Some of us get diverted from our “ideal” path and some of us get stopped in our tracks.

For a long time, when things don’t go according to plan, I would revert to an old pattern of thinking I had done something wrong or made the wrong decision. Maybe I did.  Maybe I didn’t.  Then I would hear someone say, “things happen for a reason”. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable explanation at the time, not knowing that this oft-used adage was simply softening the blow. However in the end I still had to come face to face with whatever I was going through and really accept the situation.  Telling myself “things happen for a reason” was a cop-out on life and truth.

This has taught me that oftentimes things happen simply because they happen. I don’t really know why the events in my life have happened the way or when they have.  I have come to fully accept the twists and turns of my life.  I’m grateful for its circuitous outcome. For I’ve discovered that looking for a reason is a distraction from living from the balance point.  Looking for a reason creates a buffer from taking full responsibility for my life, my actions and my thoughts.  Looking for a reason makes things last longer because I’m resisting whatever is occurring.  Acceptance deals with it in the moment, every time.

So, if you are looking for the reason your life or certain events has turned out (good or bad) the way it has, I highly recommend stopping, looking and fully accepting your life just as it is.  Don’t try to figure it out or rationally explain this decision or that choice.  Don’t even try to like it or dislike it; simply sit with your life, fully displayed in front of you and accept it just as it is. Realize that all the choices you have made were the right choices at the time.  You had a certain amount of information and these were the choices you made.  Move into gratitude for your life. For everything you have done has brought you to where you are now. As my spiritual teacher used to say, “You’re in a good place.”  You are perfect just the way you are. Or in more modern vernacular, you rock. 🙂  Peace.



One thought on “Why look for a reason when you can simply accept?

  1. Jane Ternus says:

    Ahhhh, Michele, i just loved this… it is so true and so right on with what is up with my life right now. I couldn’t have said it any better than what you wrote, just so beautiful and the Truth. Thank you for your blog, it is a blessing to many, and I know definitely for this one. Peace to you too!


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