Leaping from the comfort zone into the magic zone

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the challenges of life and what it really means. For the past 16 years or so, I’ve been right in the middle of challenge as every aspect of my life has come up for me to review, digest,  accept, revise and move on.  With each aspect – I have found “aha’s” that would never have been possible if this aspect had not been challenged.  Truthfully, EVERY aspect of my life has come up and now I see how lucky I am to have gone through this process.  How often does one really get the opportunity to see their life from this perspective and then take the steps to set it right or according to one’s choosing?  I mean – really?  For whatever reason, I’ve been placed in this position and upon realization of what was happening – I’ve taken on each and every challenge.  I came to discover that each supposed “setback” was an opportunity to be gut-wrenchingly honest with myself and take responsibility for it.  At the risk of sounding somewhat morbid, it is as though I’ve been on my deathbed watching my life move before my eyes – seeing the good, the bad and the ugly, the love, judgement, humor and sadness.  It has been quite an amazing ride and I’m so grateful for this process.  It has brought me to where I am today and I’m pretty certain there is more to see.  🙂

This leads me to the primary point of this post – are you really looking at what life is presenting you?  Or are you choosing to ignore, tolerate and put up with your life?   Are you missing the opportunities placed into your lap to be who you really are?  It is easy to do as our “system” of living compartmentalizes life.  It sets up unrealistic concepts for establishing a “normal” existence and way of living.  When we fall into it (as most of us do – let’s be honest) we end up living a “Stepford Wife” kind of existence which in and as itself is false.  It isn’t real.  And…we miss the magic of living.

So you have a choice.  When life tosses you a challenge, be it big or small, you can turn your head and pretend you don’t feel it or like it or want to REALLY deal with it or you can DIVE into it – full throttle.  The first option – not so fun.  My spiritual teacher used to say, “Whatever you resist persists.”  And I found this to be true.  Thus, I highly recommend the second option.  It has worked miracles in my life.

One last thing, one of my most very favorite illustrations for living is a picture with a circle in a box.  Printed in the circle are the words, “The Comfort Zone”.  Printed outside the box with an arrow leading it to it are the words “Where the magic happens”.  When you dive into whatever is happening into your life with complete acceptance of it in that moment…this is where the magic happens.  You get out of your own way (the comfort zone) and open yourself up to the possibilities that have been quietly waiting in your corner.  Leaping out of the comfort zone and into the magic zone makes you more soulful, humble, open and honest.  It opens up your life and sometimes you even get to pull a rabbit out of the hat!  Abracadabra…


7 thoughts on “Leaping from the comfort zone into the magic zone

  1. jack says:

    Michele..having observed you and your strength , compassion and tenacity over the past 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that you are one special person!!!! Jack Mc

  2. Melinda Bern says:

    Michele, this is so beautifully put. Thank you for reminding me that every challenge is an opportunity to stop, breathe, and be grateful. Love, you! Melinda B.

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