I am a lover – not a fighter

I touched on this in a recent post entitled “Is your life an enemy or your friend” and more is coming through on this that I’d like to share with you.  Today, I was listening to a song by Kelly Clarkson – “Stronger”.  I love this song.  It has great energy.  As I was dancing in my head to the tune (yes, I do this)  I began to listen to the words.  I began to hear the theme that when life gets you down, fight back, “me, myself and I”, etc., etc.  And it made me stop and consider what it means to “fight”.

I’m all for standing on your own two feet, taking responsibility for your life and rising above the challenges placed in your lap.  However, I’ve learned through the challenges I’ve faced that moving into a fighting stance only make things tougher for me.  It wasn’t until I learned to completely accept and get the lessons being presented that I moved into a partnership with my life.  The fighting stance simply hasn’t worked for me – it facilitated a victim-hood persona.  And I am not a victim.

I daresay that the fighting stance isn’t really working for you either. Our modern society seems to have evolved into a division of  two camps of living:  those who win and those who lose. Those who fight and those who don’t.   This division is facilitated pretty much through every aspect of our lives.  The very words “fight” and “division” sound and feel hard and cold.   We’ve turned life into a fight rather than a dance.  And in my experience all you get when you turn life into a fight is a bigger fight.  Moreover, it is a fight with yourself.  Fighting your very essence of flowing, living, balance and beauty.

Which feels better – the fight?  Or living?  The hard?  Or the flow?  The struggle?  Or balance?  The cold view of life?  Or the beauty of the vast spectrum of living?  The reaction to life?  Or the response to life?

What are you seeing in your life?  How are you moving through it?  Are you falling into the trap of resisting or fighting your life? Or are you choosing to step back, look and then respond?  When we react we fight. When we respond we embrace and choose wisely – even in the so-called worst of circumstances.  So, it is your choice.  You can choose to be a fighter or a lover of your life.  That doesn’t mean you are a doormat of life.  Quite the contrary. When you are a lover – you are tapping into your personal, power, strength and wisdom; navigating each step of the way remaining true to yourself.  This is what I am choosing … because … I’m a lover – not a fighter.

And…I still love the song “Stronger”. “It has a good beat, it’s easy to dance to.”  And…I do find I am stronger with each dance step I take in this life.



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