Moving into 2012 with peace and intention

Last year, at this same time, I wrote about New Year’s Intention vs. resolution and encouraged you to live with intention.  I also gave you a method by which to get you started. As I was considering what to write for this year’s New Year’s message, a wonderful blog post from my very dear friend, Elizabeth MacDonald appeared in my email inbox.  She nails it perfectly and I asked her if I could share this with you.  She said, “yes”,  so I’m sharing it below.  It gives a process to carry you into 2012 in peace, prosperity and happiness.  I’ve used this many times over the years and it works like a charm!  Also, here’s a link to Elizabeth’s blog in case you’d like to follow her .

From Elizabeth MacDonald:

‘“Cast all the old aside to make room for the new. How can you
 expect to usher in the new if you insist on holding onto the old. Make room, make
 room, and have a good spring clean from time to time and see what there is you
 can cast forth of the old and never be tempted to hold on to anything which is not 
of the very highest. This needs to be done with thoughts and ideas as well as material possessions. 
Don’t just throw out the rubbish, but also those things which clutter up the mind 
and stop it from expanding. Take time to go through your material possessions 
as well and sift and sort what you have and cast out anything which you do not use. 
It is right to have all that you need, but again let Me remind you not to hoard. It 
is far too easy to accumulate and then wonder why you feel burdened and bowed 
down and can’t move forward and upward.” -Eileen Cady

Someone asked me, recently, what was the best way to celebrate New Year’s. What I recalled was a conscious process that I have experienced and witnessed, that removes what is no longer useful and truly “makes room for the Highest.” It came up to share this process with you. Here is how it goes, step by step…

  1.  Start the process in plenty of time, before New Year’s Eve. Begin by writing out all that is old and no longer useful in your life. Just let it empty out onto the paper without any editing. This “streaming” is a way to just let it all come out and be emptied.
  2. Be aware of the experience in the body as it is streaming out…being the Awareness of what is being seen…and see through all of what is arising…letting it be.
  3. Be sure it is all emptied and there is a clear space before going on.
  4. Now, get a fresh piece of paper and write out what is true for you…what wants to now express itself through you. Just let it stream out onto the paper without editing.
  5. Notice the experience arising in the body and include this in Awareness…letting it be. It may be surprising to you that negative, as well as positive feelings are arising. Just allow it all to be fully seen through from the clear space of Pure Awareness.
  6. When it has all been emptied on the paper and the space is clear, take a fresh piece of paper, and write on the top of the page: “What is True for (your name) for 2012.” Looking back over what has been written, write out what is true for you, now. Let it be clear and neat on the page, and at the same time feeling it is already complete.
  7. What is coming now, is coming from the clear space of Pure Awareness, straight from your Heart…it is what is already true…what is so.
  8. Now, when we bring in the New Year, there is a complete alignment with “what is” for 2012…letting go and letting it all happen in the best way, as a win-win for all concerned.
  9. Some people find it helpful to meditate as the New Year comes in. However you celebrate it the main thing is, at midnight, “what is true” for you is being felt as complete. And, we are resolved to allow it all to unfold in its own natural way.

As New Year’s Eve comes, let’s be together in our Heart-felt “New Year’s Resolution” wherever we are, feeling it complete for ALL. And, as we each take responsibility for being andliving our truth, we are directly assisting the Whole. Just one more very important thing that comes up to share, with regard to living our truth with “others” in 2012.Here are three “gatekeepers” from an Old Arab Proverb…

“The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers: Before words get past the lips, the first gatekeeper asks, ‘Is this true?’ That stops a lot of traffic immediately. But, if the words get past the first gatekeeper, there is a second who asks: ‘Is it kind?’ And, for those words that qualify here too, the last gatekeeper asks, ‘Is it necessary?’ With these three on guard, most of us would find very little to say!'”

Thank you for reading the Balance Point blog and following my adventures throughout this year.  I hope that I have assisted you in some way or another or at the very least entertained you. 🙂  Many blessings to you now and throughout the New Year to come.

P.S.  A little background on Elizabeth MacDonald:  Elizabeth recently retired as Spiritual Director of the AHAM Meditation Retreat and Spiritual Training Center in Asheboro, NC.  She co-founded AHAM back in 1978 with A. Ramana (an American-born spiritual teacher with whom I also had the opportunity to spend time.)  AHAM teaches the Self Inquiry process and shares the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Elizabeth was my trainer and spiritual coach for many years and it was during this time that we became good friends.  She is a beautiful, strong woman who demonstrates day-to-day the power of living life from place of centered Awareness, kindness, truthfulness and grace.


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