Define your dream then live it!

In April 2010, I lost my job; my position was eliminated. Essentially my skills no longer fit within the company’s business model. More importantly, the company no longer fit within my “business model.” I’d known this for a while and that it was time to go. Unfortunately, like so many people in this country who have gone through similar circumstances, I was extremely dependent on the salary and benefits. I had a son in college and a husband at home permanently disabled and unable to work. Losing this job placed us in an uncertain financial situation.

When I lost my job, I experienced a mixture of feelings: fear, worry and relief. I didn’t consider myself a “victim” of the economy nor of the company for which I had worked. To me it was a sign. It was apparent that the timing was right to pursue my true purpose. I understood that I had been “incubating” – building skills and fine-tuning my natural talents all while purging some old conditioning that I had allowed to limit me. In short, it was time for this baby bird to fly. I just needed a push from the nest. That push came in the form of losing the job.

I spent the next four and a half months looking for a job while considering what I really wanted to do. While in this process, I thought that I might find my dream fulfilled through finding a new job. At some point, I realized that maybe I needed to take the bull by the horns and make my dream job/work happen. So, while looking for a job, I began to consider what this would look like. That’s how Balance Point came into being. I spoke with a close friend, Jack, who is creative, entrepreneurial and knows how to “make things happen”. With his assistance, I wrote a business plan for Balance Point. We met several times and he helped me set an intention to launch my little company. Then I went about all the steps of forming a company and launching it.

In the meantime, I also began working part-time. The position was enough to take me off unemployment and at least put us on somewhat stable footing. It also took the pressure off enough for me to let Balance Point begin to come into focus. Today, Balance Point is getting more “traction” and my dream of helping others live their dream is coming into focus.

All this is to say that in this process of defining my dream I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I’d like to share them with you now:

  • Plan your dream – create a business plan. Then live your dream. A dream or dreaming isn’t “fluff”. It is the imaging and imagining of what is so for you. Your true purpose. If it wasn’t meant to be – you wouldn’t have the idea of it.
  • Don’t be afraid to dream – even in a challenging economy. Actually, dreaming and acting on your dream is extremely important in this kind of economy. Dreaming is what brings new business models and innovative, creative ideas to the forefront. More successful small businesses are successfully launched during such times than any other.
  • Don’t be discouraged if your dream doesn’t come into focus immediately. Stay with your intention. Allow it to come through completely. Use the time to work through the “kinks”.
  • Keep your skills sharp and focused. Read everything and stay informed. Stay up to date with what’s happening in your “industry” and pay attention to what’s happening in “parallel” industries. Stay aware of what “floats” your boat.
  • Don’t discount your knowledge or experience. Keep your eyes open and see the possibilities.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you can’t or allow limiting thoughts to turn you away from your dream. When people offer their suggestions, ideas and opinions – take what you get; don’t take what you don’t get.
  • Find one or two people to be in your dream with you – someone who can help you see all the angles and hold the context of support with you. Wait to broadcast your vision and context until it is firmly grounded within you.
  • Regard roadblocks and hiccups as simply that. Learn the lessons, incorporate the learnings and move on with your dream.
  • Nurture your dream: revisit your business plan every so often and revise it to fit your dream as it comes into greater focus.

Your dream, an expression of your true purpose, is an adventure for you to fully experience and embrace. Now, go out, define it and then…live it!

P.S. If you’d like assistance in defining your dream, I’d love to help you!


5 thoughts on “Define your dream then live it!

    • Likewise! Kari, you really know how to look at something and put into perspective quickly. I really admire that about you and also how you infuse humor into your perspective. You remind me not to take “all this” so seriously and to approach life with a smile. You rock!

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