The Path of the Yellow Brick Road

A few years back I had what I like to refer to as a “bullseye insight”. You know – one of those aha’s that hit you right between the eyes. I realized that my life journey had very much been like traveling the path of the yellow brick road as depicted in The Wizard of Oz. This realization was quite comforting to me mainly because I realized that this method of navigating my life was actually working. And quite well.  It wasn’t a set “method” as it required me to really trust my inner wisdom. It taught me the power of being true to, honoring and respecting the being of who I am.

As any of us who know the movie story line – Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow were each individually seeking to find themselves and their respective ways home. Each character felt a lack of something within. The lion felt cowardly. The tin man felt hollow. The scarecrow felt inadequate. And, of course, Dorothy felt disconnected from and a deep yearning to be home to what was familiar and comfortable. So they chose to follow the yellow brick road.  It was by their willingness to just stay on the road and remain open to the adventure that they each found what they were seeking. Interestingly enough, in the end, each character found that the answers they had been seeking had actually been within them all along. No other method had brought them to these truths – they could only have been discovered by following this road.  The adventures on the road forced each of them to confront their fears and supposed inadequacies.  It also forced them to see their individual strengths and beauty.  What a great story!

And – that’s what I’ve come to realize as well. Following my Yellow Brick Road has taught me to not only trust myself but to also give myself a break. It has opened up my life. So – if you choose to also travel this road but don’t know how, rest assured that you are already on it. You always have been. It may be simply that you just don’t realize it. I know I didn’t. And…once you do realize it and choose it there’s a way to navigate it with eyes wide open. Here are some tips:

1. Trust yourself

2. Listen to the voice within, those feelings that stir within you when a choice or decision comes up to be made regarding a particular direction.

3. When you feel overwhelmed about a decision, STOP. Breathe. Get quiet . Allow the overwhelm to be what it is.  Give it space and it will give you space.  Remember, whatever you resists persists – so just let it be what it is.  And it will let you be as you are.

4. Then and only then, when you feel at peace – make your decision.

5.If the answer isn’t clear – write it down – the pro’s and the con’s. Look for priorities and first steps. Putting it down on paper allows you to see the whole picture more clearly.

5. Choose what is true for you. One foot in front of the other.

Along the way, you’re probably going to run into some flying monkeys. In fact, it is guaranteed that you will. That’s okay. It is part of the adventure when on the path of the Yellow Brick Road. I promise you though, if you stay on it you are sure to discover whatever it is you are seeking within.  And the ruby-red slippers might just be in your closet just waiting for you…

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick…


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