In 2013, choose to Be YOU fully and shine that beautiful light!

imagesFor several weeks now I’ve been considering what to write as my final blog post of 2012.  And I keep coming back to how to bring the intention of being “true to yourself” and living life authentically from this perspective into the New Year – 2013. Oddly, the words have been evading me.  And then, of all things, Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, posted the following on his Facebook page.  It says perfectly what I’ve been feeling and considering:

“You were not born to be average, normal or typical.

You were not born a carbon copy.

You were born unique, born to excel, born to manifest the glory of the universe in your authentic spirit.

You are not weak.

You are stronger than you imagine, wiser than you know, and have vast powers that you have yet to actualize. Stop playing small.

Be YOU. Tell your truth – now, today, this very moment.

Manifest your true self – not a poor reflection of your circumstance.

Don’t walk through this world unconscious of your greatness, sleep walking, surrendering your light to the bland grey around you.

You were born to be brilliant,

to be light,

to be fire.

Infuse your glory into this moment, into your choices, into your deeds, into the habits you create.

Consciously choose:

Choose your body through conscious consumption.

Choose your attitude, through conscious thought.

Choose your destiny by being present right now – for remember mindful moments multiplied, totally transform tomorrow’s.

Today choose integrity, choose discipline, choose joy, choose joy, choose joy.

Rejoice in your blessings AND, most importantly, know that EVERYTHING is a blessing.

And your blessings are rich soil.

So choose to grow into the boldest, proudest, most glorious version of YOU.

You were born for this.”

Cory Booker

Is that not perfect? I love it and I hope you do too. To wrap up 2012, here’s an exercise” for choosing, creating and manifesting your “boldest, proudest, most glorious version of YOU”.  It is a two-part exercise that first walks you through the process of letting go of all the old, worn out concepts of yourself.  It then takes you through the process of tapping into and welcoming in the real, authentic YOU that has been waiting quietly and lovingly in “your corner” to be embraced and expressed.  Here’s the exercise:

You’ll need two pieces of paper (you can use a journal), a pen or pencil and a bowl (or fireplace) in which you can burn the “old concepts”.  Step One:  Tear or cut one of the pieces of  paper into five separate pieces and write down the answer to each question below. Tell yourself the truth, the “whole truth and nothing but the truth. Take your time.

Where are you hiding “you” behind the curtains?
Where are you not speaking your truth?
Where are you limiting yourself?
Where are you stifling your happiness?
What feels left “undone” in 2012? What still needs completing?

When you’ve completed answering the above questions:  Take all the “old” statements that you wrote on the five strips of paper, put them in a flameproof bowl or in the fireplace and burn them.  Let them burn up, dissolve and float away.  As they burn, feel it all complete, done and released.  Sit quietly and let it all burn up within you.  When you are ready, move to the second half of the exercise.

Part Two:   Take the second whole sheet of paper (you can also do this part of the exercise in a journal) and answer each of the questions listed below with an “intention” for the New Year.  Write the answers in a present tense voice (e.g. “I am…..”); how you are now living the “true you”.  Word it so that it is already done – in the affirmative  with one sentence or statement for each.

How are you now coming out as the real, authentic YOU? What does that look like?  What does it feel like?
How are you now thoughtfully speaking your truth?
How are you now living to your fullest potential?
How are you expressing your natural happiness and sharing it with those in your world – your life?
How does it feel to know that it is all complete and you are happy just the way you are?

This is your “now” YOU statement.  Read it over.  Feel the power and strength of it.  Relish it.  Embrace it.  Sit with it quietly as it expands within you and when it feels complete, put this piece of paper in a special place (e.g., journal) so that you can revisit it any time you wish during the coming year, whenever you need a little YOU refresher! Recommendation:  Complete this exercise before or on New Year’s eve so that you are truly “ringing out the old and ringing in the new”!

I want to thank you for walking this Balance Point adventure with me during 2012.  It is my wish that in 2013 we can continue to look together at living our lives to the fullest and collectively being peace, balance and happiness in our world.  Thanks everyone – Happy New Year.  See you on the flip side!


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