How you view your life determines its direction


There is a secret ingredient to truly enjoying, fully experiencing and getting the most of life.  It’s actually as simple as how you view and approach your life.  If you are like many, your days are programmed for the most part with routines, schedules, and expectations. Many of us are in the habit of running from one appointment, task, event and activity to the other finding ourselves on the “hurry up” treadmill.  Over time, it has become an underlying assumption that this is “just how life is and I don’t have a choice”.

The truth is, we do have a choice and we have the very real ability to change this assumption and thereby how we live our lives.  Because, in reality, the above assumption is just a thought to which we have given our power.  As a result, it has become the context of life – thus the hurrying here, there and everywhere.  Sound familiar?

1396054_625820270802913_206510151_nYet, we can flip this concept by choosing to change how we approach life on a daily basis in 2014 as well as in the years to come. So, if you are one of those who is always running and hurrying for that “very important date” in many aspects of your life – you can flip this idea that this is just how life is supposed to be lived.  You can choose to view your life as an adventure to be enjoyed and explored with curiosity and joy.  To hurry up less is simply a choice that can be initiated with each step you take and each breath you make.  And of course, it takes making a solid commitment and sticking to it one moment at a time.  To help you get started, here are a few ways you can simplify and shift your life view and hurry up less:

  • Upon rising first thing in the morning, sit up in bed first, take a big deep breath – breathe in the day, listen to the silence of the morning.  Sit “here” for 60 seconds while breathing in and out.  As you physically get out of bed, start by putting one foot on the floor, resting a few seconds and then placing the other foot on the floor. Stand up, take a deep cleansing breath by raising your arms overhead and exhaling.  This way you start your day from a place of neutral and calm vs. rush and hurry.  Embrace the day and you embrace your life.
  • As you are driving to work, wait a few minutes to turn on your radio.  Take the time to notice the weather and the world around you. Use the first few minutes of your drive to mentally plan or review your day. What one word best sums up the quality that you would like to bring into your day?  Choose one word and keep it in the back of your mind.
  • At work, take the time to greet those you work with.  Ask how they are doing – spend the time to spread a little good cheer.  Be an inspiration to those you work with – keep it simple.  A smile and a kind word is all it takes.
  • This week, take one hour to unsubscribe to the many emails that you are now receiving from all the sites that you never really look at. It could be political emails, groupons/promotional coupons, online catalogs, business emails that you never read, local news and weather, etc.…Remember, if you were an online shopper during the holidays, you will now be inundated with their emails so opt out of all of them.
  • Walk with purpose through your day – remember your context word and repeat it to yourself when you feel like you are returning to “hurry up” mode.  And don’t forget the magical “de-hurrying” quality that taking a few deep, calming breaths can bring.
  • When eating your meals, eat with purpose.  View your body as a fine-tuned engine that needs high-octane fuel.  See how you can go about slowing down eating your meals by putting down the fork between bites.  Appreciate the flavors and smells of the foods you are ingesting.
  • Look for the good and humorous in life and remember, “he who laughs at himself will never cease to be amused.”
  • Lets face it, it can be unavoidable at times so if you find yourself in a rushing/hurrying situation, stop for a few seconds, take a deep breath, clear your head and then move forward.
  • Come up with a few strategies to help you hurry less (that you know will work for you) such as:  Getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning; using the alarm feature on your cell phone or computer to keep you apprised of upcoming appointments or important tasks.  Another good strategy is to take 15 minutes at the end of your day and writing down on paper your “to do” list for the next day. Writing down your “to do” list is a powerful way to set a context of success for the next day.  If you do this regularly, you’ll find that over time, the tasks on the list seem to get done without you having to worry about getting them done.
  • Finally – look for gratitude in all that you do, see and hear.  Regard the natural abundance that surrounds you on a daily basis.  It is here – all you have to do is look.

In 2014 shift your view of life and “hurry up less”. Whether it’s driving, waiting in a line at the store or scheduling your weekend tasks around the house take your time with each. If you plan more time for your activities, you then have more time to complete them. With more time to complete them, you will experience less stress to get them done.  Allow more joy, curiosity and gratitude into your life.  Take in life one breath at a time and with this choice watch as your life direction naturally reflects this new perspective.  Enjoy the ride…

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