Be Meghan

As I watched yesterday’s memorial service for John McCain, I realized that in the past 18-months I had already forgotten what a “functional” presidency operating from a higher plane felt like. It was so heartwarming to hear and see representatives from across all aspects of our political landscape. It felt like home.

I miss this “home”. And like most homes, it has its issues and dysfunctions. Yet it is my home. And how can we have allowed what we’ve fought so hard for to be picked apart piece by piece without regard for the blood, sweat, tears that went into making this country? Or the lives that have been given for all that we have received? How have we allowed fear to be so repressed and in its place allowed the growth of hate and resentment? This is our collective doing. And we can and must be the force of its correction.

In my upbringing and life experience, I had to learn the hard way that blaming “other” doesn’t work. What is required is the tough task of taking complete responsibility. Blaming other and sublimating one’s fears is the easy way with temporary results. It’s a mirage. It doesn’t work nor does it last. In the end it only makes things worse. Whatever you resist persists.

Real change takes time, focus, integrity, respect and compassion. And it is as Sen McCain told his daughter Meghan when she fell off her horse and broke her collarbone. Gently and firmly he said, “Meghan, get back on the horse”. And she did.

Be Meghan. Get back on the horse.

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