The “Journey” to Me

I’m different. I’ve always been different. I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent many years trying not to be me because me didn’t look like other people. I spent a ridiculously inordinate amount of time in my younger years trying to be what I wasn’t. It was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. And this caused me great confusion. It also made me feel less than and not good enough because I felt as though because I couldn’t be like others I didn’t measure up.

Now looking back on this, I realize how absurd this was. How absurd it is. I happen to really like the me that I am. Who I am is comfortable. When I’ve tried to be anything other than me, I’ve felt extremely uncomfortable. It was a lie. And now, Who I am is the truth.

In all the struggles to get to where I am today, totally embracing and loving who I am has been oddly worth the ride – the journey. And the funny thing is – I didn’t have to go anywhere to get to me. I’ve been here all along …

This is who I am – welcome home me 😆❤️🙏

2 thoughts on “The “Journey” to Me

    • Thank you, Jane. It’s funny after all that time at AHAM, I never got the “feeling different” piece until now. And now is as good a time as any! ❤️

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